Eco-Friendly Construction Products

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Serving as a permanent, three-dimension reinforcement and stabilization matrix for steep slopes and channel banks, this is the perfect solution for erosion control. The innovative system of rings, bars, grid, and fabric contains the upper root zone soils while also allowing roots to easily pass through; in turn, this will minimize the loss and movement of the soil caused by rainwater. Slopetame2 is a product that can easily be tailored to your dimensions. As a versatile product, it can be utilized in large volumes of water.



This high-volume drainage layer is capable of withstanding direct contact and heavy loads, in addition to serving as a great replacement for French drains. Used for green roof and advanced subsurface applications, this is an advanced geocomposite drainage and conveyance layer that will provide excellent air and water transference. Wrapped in a geotextile fabric, the drainage core allows the water to enter from any direction; the water can flow in all directions simultaneously. Uses and application of this durable and effective product will ensure the success of your upcoming construction project.

Dust Screen & Silt Fence

Essential for any construction site, these barriers are an effective method for sediment containment. Available in a variety of sizes and built to withstand the elements, they will protect the quality of nearby water sources from sediment in storm water runoff. Instead of using the fabric to filter, the sediment is captured in the fencing.

Debris Barrier

Debris Barrier

Needed to stop the spread of debris when working in an urban setting, debris barriers will keep materials in place. The use of these durable and effective materials can be customized to the job site.

Permaloc Asphalt Edge

Permaloc Asphalt Edge

Engineered for effortless installation, these edging systems create beautiful and clean edges that will be the perfect finishing touch for any space. This efficient system creates clean, consistent edges, offering 90-angle capabilities. Prevent broken edges and ensure uniform thickness with these asphalt restraints. They can be used for asphalt over aggregate or concrete in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.



Durawattle is a durable and reusable sediment barrier. Intended for use on hard surfaces such as sidewalks and soil, this is made to be driven over, featuring a plastic-sealed foam core that prevents it from soaking up water, allowing it to bounce back to its original shape once driven over. An outer layer of monofilament fabric filters the sediment out of the water as it passes through. This system is designed to dewater and retain sediment without impacting water flow concentration.

Nonwoven Fabrics

Civil Nonwoven Fabrics

WINFAB Civil Nonwoven Fabrics are produced using the latest technology in geotextile manufacturing. Comprised of high strength polypropylene fiber, WINFAB’s complete line of needle-punched nonwovens provides superior performance in applications of filtration, separation, drainage and erosion protection. These products feature:

  • Durable, chemical-resistant, UV-stabilized polypropylene fibers

  • High tensile strength, with excellent puncture and tear resistance

  • Excellent surface friction and built-in elongation

  • Chemical stability for use in aggressive environments

  • Fine pore structure and high permittivity

Deck Products

Deck & Paver Products

Economical, versatile, and straightforward to install, deck and paver products can drastically transform an outdoor space. These serve as an ecologically responsible replacement for exotic hardwoods and other high-end finishes, meaning you’ll enjoy your desired outcome while being considerate of the planet. Deck and paver products age naturally, can withstand the elements, and are customizable to any outdoor space.


We invented the superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles.

Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ is a three dimensional tubular device made of FilterMedia™ encased in Filtrexx® Mesh™. It is designed to support stormwater management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs). It is generally used in areas where delimiting at risk areas and diverting, cleaning and filtering stormwater runoff is critical. SiltSoxx is often used in combination with other sediment control systems to create a complete solution. Most typical applications are check dam, concrete washout, inlet protection, perimeter control, runoff diversion, slope interruption, sediment traps and diverse filtration systems.


Our Soxx™ technology can use natural additives to remove pollutants that hurt the environment.

EnviroSoxx® is a three dimensional tubular device designed for stormwater management, sediment & erosion control just like other Soxx products, but it also incorporates a diverse portfolio of natural additives for pollutant removal applications. Whether it is bacteria, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, nutrients or suspended solids, our engineering team can create the optimal Soxx configuration to guarantee the success of your project. Contact our team for detailed information about pollutant removal performance and testing results.

Also Available for Construction

  • Woven Geotextile Fabric
  • Poly Spun Fabric
  • Catch Basin Filter
  • Truck Tarps
  • Burlap
  • Privacy Screen
  • Greenwalls